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he doesn’t even appreciate it though…won’t even come to Caz’s to measure the holsters!

Awwwh :I, that sucks, and you still put all that hard work into it? Kudos to you dearie, and loads of good luck.

Anonymous : Steve and Bucky watching a 3D movie for the first time


OMFG, i’m not a writer but i bet it would go like this

"I think we got the hang of this now-WHOAH" Steve throws himself off the couch and onto the floor.

"HOLY SHIT" Bucky throws his arms up reflexively as an arrow flys towards them from the screen.

"How long has this been going on?" Sam ask from his positioin in the kitchen as he casually sips his beer that tony gave him.

"30 minutes. 15 minutes in and Steve had thrown his shield at the TV" Tony says with a smirk then with a grimace "Had to replace it…twice."


"Yup. Barnes over there got a little knife happy and thrown two at the screen."

"And I missed that!?" Sam huffs and sets his beer down on the counter.

"JARVIS has it all recorded, don’t worry." Tony says with a grin.

"STEVE, GET DOWN" Bucky screams as he tackels him off of the couch and on to the floor.


'Cause you wanted to see him happy? Load of work indeed.

the-hallowed-lady : I miscalculated. Thanks to the piece on the shoulder, it's six layers of leather! *loud crying*

Even more good luck then xD you’ll need it!

girlishgamine : stucky prompt: bucky has an idea to go to pick flowers somewhere to pick up girls with pre-serum steve (obviously because they're SUCH GREAT HETEROSEXUAL FRIENDS) and end up flirting all afternoon in a field instead (and they make flower crowns too?)


"Come on Stevie, it’ll be fun!"

Steve lingers behind Bucky, who has the poorly stocked picnic basket in hand a ridiculously large smile on his face.

"I dunno Buck," he frowns. "Picking flowers to pick up girls?"

"Huh?" Bucky’s brow puckers as he takes a moment to process what Steve said before it hits him. "Oh, yeah! Girls! Aw c’mon bud, it’s a great plan!"

His enthusiasm seems false to Steve’s ears but the blond nods and dutifully follows. They approach the emerald field, filled with daisies and petunias and all sorts of beautiful flowers. It would be a prime spot for fun in this springtime weather… If there were any girls, that is.

"Um, Buck?" Steve frowns. "There… aren’t any girls here."

"Oh no, what a shame," Bucky sighs but he’s smiling, why’s he smiling? "Oh well, guess we’re gonna have to eat this picnic ourselves!"

"Ain’t that kinda…" Steve bites his lip. "Shifty?"

Bucky frowns.

"Why? We’re two heterosexual males who are makin’ the best of a bad situation. Right?"

Steve looks away; he wouldn’t call himself ‘heterosexual’, not entirely at least, but the idea of being isolated with Bucky in such a romantic environment… It set the imagination running.

"Right," he sighs and Bucky beams, before slumping down on the floor and opening the basket. It contains a can of Spam, half a loaf of bread and a bottle of flat lemonade. Steve raises a brow and Bucky blushes.

"Alright, so it ain’t a posh spread," he shrugs and Steve smiles, curling up opposite him.

"It’s perfect."

They sit and talk for a while, chatting and - in the back of Steve’s mind - flirting, when Bucky begins to pick some daisies and peonies. As they talk, he weaves the flowers into a garland with some leaves thrown in.

"That’s pretty, Buck," he comments and Bucky smiles coyly, before holding the wreath out.

"It’s a flower crown. The, ur… The girls I used to hang out with when I was younger taught me how to make ‘em. Do you… Do you want it?"

Steve’s eyes widen as he stares at the white, blue and red band. He nods mutely and Bucky places it on his head. His fingers trail along the side of Steve’s cheek and the blond’s breath hitches in his throat.

"Thank you, Buck," he breathes.

"Anytime, Steve. I’ll do anythin’ for you."

They maintain eye contact and Bucky’s hand remains on Steve’s cheek. The both of them move in, their noses touching. Bucky closes his eyes, as does Steve. Then-

"Your breath smells like Spam."

Bucky’s eyes shoot open to Steve smirking at him, flower crown lopsided. He blinks before exploding into laughter.

"After I give ya a crown and everythin’!" he snorts, straightening the crown and scooping Steve into a hug.

A red petal and a blue petal fall to the grass, forming a perfect contrast as the sun beats down on two perfectly contrasting people.

You are perfect and I love you xox


He says, while humping Steve in the missionary position. 


He says, while humping Steve in the missionary position


12 people have deleted me as a contact because i wont stop changing my skype name


12 people have deleted me as a contact because i wont stop changing my skype name